Tiwi’s Closet : BushFire 2017 LookBook

Today I just wanted to share a special LookBook with you. This Look Book was put together using pieces from Tiwi’s Closet, which is as you know a curated fashion brand owned by me and one of  the original inspirations for this blog. I am the stylist and buyer for Tiwi’s Closet and I will be taking your through different looks and styling techniques. First I want to start by saying that most of these pieces will be available at the SHOP N SIP, on Saturday the 6th of May 2017, at BaHle Gallery on 112 Dzeliwe Street, Mbabane, Swaziland ( Near the Corporate Solanis). Between 12pm and 4pm. Don’t miss it if you are in Swaziland. We will be collaborating with Khosi of the Ambience Spa, Honey Child Style, Mankoni Concepts and Samac’s Art.

The MTN Bushfire festival is one of the biggest festivals in the world  and takes place right here in Swaziland.  Like any festival it is the chance to dress up. Festivals are the perfect occasion to get creative with your personal style. The Tiwi’s Closet Look Book will hopefully give you some style stimulating examples.

Things you will have to take into consideration of course are the duration of the festival (for you) and the weather. We understand that Bushfire can take you through all four seasons and through the Tiwi’s Closet Bushfire lookbook we will try to show you how to be stylish and Bushfire apt.

90s Cool Kid

I love 90s fashion. The 90s remind me or the 70s because there were just so many trends. To reinvent the 90s for bushfire I paired a silk maxi skirt with a white crop top. Another 90s retake is the floral dress set in black. I layered it with a blue polo neck and an oversized denim jacket. I alsowehnt for an androgynous look with paper boy shorts, a white shirt, bomber jacket and fedora.

The Vintage Shirt

This is the simplest way to do different. the vintage shirt on it’s own makes a notable statement. I like it because you can style it with just about anything. Jeans, short, dresses, on it’s owns. The possibilities are endless.

The Glamorous Festival Goer

Faux fur is the quickest way to make any outfit glamourous. That and red lipstick.

The Bohemian Look

This look is synonymous with festivals. You can’t do a festival lookbook without including bohemian. Bohemian can be associate with being a free spirit and the hippy movement. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about bohemian style is “ flowers in her hair” vibes and flowy kimonos. And yes we have a couple of those in this look book. Other thing linked with this trend are ethnic prints, paisley print. Here is the Tiwi’s Closet take on the bohemian look:

The Coat

A coat is a Bush Fire essential but this doesn’t mean you have to bundle yourself up in something that detracts from your outfit. Tiwi’s Closet has a number of attention grabbing coats on offer:

  • The Mac
  • Faux Fur
  • Bomber Jackets
  • Vintage Blazers
  • Denim Jackets


Smart Layering

Smart Layering can take you from day to night. That is why I have put it down as a bushfire essential. Bushfire is one of those festivals that can take you through the seasons. The day times can  be hot and night times freezing.


Nothing completes your festival look like your accessories. My styling used accessories such as the hair garland, which are festival appropriate. Also back packs which are one of the best bags for festivals. The jewelry I picked for each out for each outfit depended on the outfit, I tried to go for statement pieces.  Fur stoles for warmth and style.


Photography Credits: Sifiso Masilela

I hope you enjoyed the lookbook and that if you are in Swaziland you will come to the ShopNSip and shop all these looks.

Follow Tiwi’s Closet on instagram @tiwiscloset, for our daily updates. Our merchandise will be available internationally soon.

Have a good weekend

Love and Light



Growing in patience

Hello everyone

I just love setting myself challenges. It is who I am and always will be. I want to take this blog in a direction that  allows me to share my spaces, experiences as well as my take on fashion and style. I was inspired to write about patience because it is something I struggle with especially under pressure. I just tend to melt down and lose the plot. I recently got back from a 6 weeks trip in Zambia.  My patience was stretched to points I didn’t even know I had. Nothing went according to my plans and just about anything  that could go wrong went wrong. The only thing that kept me sane was God and my smart phone.

Something I always pray for is patience. Here is something I have learnt that I always use. God doesn’t give you patience. He puts you in situations that require you to use ( or grow patience). Lord knows dealing the the passport system in Zambian can test anyone’s patience but I had to learn to wait and I also learnt to shut up instead of  run my mouth. Prayer helped me endure and also trying to see the lesson in every curve ball that came my way. I made the most of my situation by meeting up with my blogger friends and checking out the art and fashion scenes in Lusaka and Livingstone. I also visited the Victoria falls. Patience is a sign that you are growing in maturity. It can be about waiting. In that waiting period do something. Learn something and be open to God’s voice.

But if we look forward to something we don’t yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently. Romans 8:25


So I decided to shoot today’s ootd at the Gables shopping mall in Ezuluwini. It is an interesting space. I love the architecture because it reminds me of the colonial style buildings which of course I am in love with. Most things to do with the past intrigue me.  If you ever find yourself in Swaziland the Gables in Ezuluwini is the place to be. It has clothing stores, bars, restaurants and the movie theater. It is near the Mantenga cultural village and other touristy things. I would say it is a fairly good starting point for exploring Swaziland.


I want to talk about my African print blouse. Isn’t she beautiful. I got this one from Dunns. I happened to be passing by the Dunns store in Mbabane when I saw this top with a matching skirt in the window display. I went in and I was very impressed. Dunns. From everything I saw is perfect for plus size women. They have beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories. The price point is not bad either. They frequently have sales. I don’t know if this top is available anymore  seeing as I bought it last year. It was R299 and for me worth every cent because I can style it in so many ways .I just might do a how to style post with this piece.

What I wore:

Blouse : Dunns// Jeans : New Look // Brogues: Zara// Sunglasses : Sample from Tiwi’s closet// Earrings : Vintage.


Photography Credits: Sifiso Masilela ( Sifipix)

I hope you take something out of this blog post. Just a heads up. The blog will be changing up soon. To go with the changes I have made in my life. I hope it can be more interactive and provide great and helpful content for my readers.

until then

Love and Light



Hello my lovely readers and a happy new year to you and yours. So I am currently in Zambia. I have been here for just over a month now.It has been an experience which I plan on sharing with you but perhaps in the next blog post or so which I will be titling patience.

Today’s post will look at motivation without action and harnessing motivation into action. I would also like to share an amazing space in Swaziland called Legendz back packers and share two ootds with you: one will explore the wonders of thrifting in the form of a R10 thrifted vintage dress. The other will teach you how to look chic wearing your high street brands.

Motivation  is a good tool if you use it well.

The idea to write about this topic came about when I was watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent. There was an episode about a company that duped  people( with fatal consequences)  using motivational seminars. I was also inspired to write this post by a weekend seminar I attended last year that really changed my life and they way i look at my business and other projects.

Don’t  make motivation an addiction use it as a tool to build yourself up and work on your goals.  Last year I got to attend the SheHive event hosted by She Leads Africa. It was a 2 day seminar where I met some amazing women and learnt so much about business. Thinking about motivation made me question the action I have taken since I attended SheHive. Since that life changing seminar what have I achieved or done? Well I have a great mentor. I am no longer operating my business blindly and I see Tiwi’s closet as a business and not just a hobby which means I am working on the administrative side of my business and setting achievable goals.

How can you use motivation as a tool to move forward

  • Act : You can end up attending so many seminars, workshops and talks but you need to follow these up with action. Motivation is a good thing but it must be accompanied with actions. How you act on your motivation is up to you. I apply an act immediately policy. It will ensure that you act while you are still motivated. At the end of the day it is all really up to you. You have to jump and get moving and remember to start with small achievable goals.
  • Self examination: I have a new formula for ensuring I will act. Before attending seminars I must evaluate why I will be attending said seminar?  What am I hoping to gain from it. Do I need it ? Will I really learn applicable lessons .
  • Use your motivation to work on already existing projects. Perhaps your new found motivation will help you see things in a different light . During the motivational seminar/ event  I tried to come up with things I could immediately act on. For instance when I was at the SheHive seminar I realised  I had to think about collaborations and other services I could offer and how I would create a workable structure  for them.

At the end of the day ladies and gentlemen you have to monitor and evaluate your progress post motivation/ inspiration. It is the only way you will gauge your progress. How can you do this? By setting objectives and goals that are measurable. Write out your success plan. I am sure you have all heard the saying ” Failing to plan is planning to fail”. So put in the work and see the results.


I decided to use the picturesque Legends back packers as my backdrop. Legends is located in the Ezuluwini valley near the Matenga cultural village and lodge. I initially discovered this location and used it for a photo shoot with my sisters. I decided I wanted to come back and use it for my blog and show more of  the locations aesthetics.


What I wore

Today’s post will be giving you a double dose of style on a budget


I went with a vintage thrifted dress that cost me R10. I love this dress and I have worn it countless times. It has basically graduated to my go to dress.I paired the dress with some platform shoes I got from top shop and an 80s evening bag. For another modern twist I added a silver chain belt.

How can you get your own R10 dress? You have got to shop around darlings. Be ready to score shady markets and second hand shops. You will need to use your imagination as well.





How to do a chic monochrome ootd using high street finds. My lace mini dress is from Mr Price and the light coat is from Jet. Collectively they cost less than R150. This ootd is reminiscent of the 60s mod style. Accessories make the outfit and with this ootd I demonstrate this  : I dressed up my chic monochrome items with a pair of ASOS shoes and cateye sunnies. I added pops of colour with my Zulu necklaces and my statement clutch bag. I like to dress up


Photography Credits: Sifiso Masilela (Sifiskip)

The moral of the story today is to act on motivation and shop around when it come to styling your high street brands as well as your thrifted pieces.

I hope this blog post will inspire  you to get moving with those goals

Love and Light


My Thrift Look Book

Hello everyone

Today I will be sharing  3 thrited outfits and hacks for styling them. Hack number one : All the thrifted clothing pieces where under R10. If you want to find cheap quality thrifted or vintage pieces you are going to have to look around for them. It’s that simple. It means going to the flea market and digging for them or going to vendors who sell their wares at the price you want and seeing what you can find.

1) How to wear an oversized vintage dress ( no sewing )

When it comes to vintage and thrifted oversized clothing. I enjoy finding ways to style and wear them.

The easiest way to style an oversized vintage dress is to simply add a belt at the waist. This will gather the dress at your waist giving the outfit a chinked finish. I particularly like this method of styling an oversized dress because you can give one dress new life with different belts. Now that is one way to maximize how many times you wear and style a dress. I find that belting vintage dresses particularly works well with the flowy simple silhouettes  and pencil dresses that aren’t already elasticated at the waist.

Once again the dress was only R10 from a flea market. I loved the dark oversized floral print. I styled this dress with a vintage (80s/90s) gold chain belt with black lace up heels and statement accessories. This outfit is very much reminiscent of the 1980s. It is an updated 80s look.

Outfit details

Dress : Flea Market // Shoes : Truffle / Earrings : Legit // Sunglasses : Tiwi’s Closet sample// Clutch bag : Tiwi’s Closet sample // Belt : Thrifted ( Charity shop)


2. The pleated Skirt and crop top combo

If you a trend watcher you would know that pleated midi skirts a bang on trend this season.  My theory is : The cheapest way of subscribing to a trend is by  thrifting it or trying a vintage option. Pleated skirts were very big in the 80s and you will find a variety of interesting pleated skirts at any flea market. Trust me. My pleated skirt is a staple in my wardrobe it has featured all over this blog. I inherited it from my mum’s closet and I’ve had it for years now.

Crop tops have also been trending for the last 3 years and it doesn’t look like they are going away. For something different try the flea market or thrift store. Seriously my gorgeous crop top was only about R5 or R10. It features exaggerated puff sleeves. I was drawn to the sleeves and the interesting texture/ colour of the crop top. I also like it because I can see myself styling it with many pieces in my wardrobe. It is something I feel I can dress up or down and remain interesting. I wanted to go with muted tones so I paired my crop top with a vintage pleated skirt and strappy heels with fringe detail.

Outfit details:

Skirt : Mum’s closet // Crop top : Flea market// Shoes : Legit // Bag : Thrifted // Necklace : Mr Price // Bangle : Punk and Ivy x Legit




3) 80s Skirt

This look book may as well be called reworking the 80s.

Every woman deserves an 80s statement skirt in her wardrobe. What is an 80s statement skirt? An 80s statement skirt usually features bold colours and patterns or plays with different cuts or exaggerated features. It is the perfect piece for making a statement and one of the easiest way to recreate an 80s look.

I styled my skirt with a white crop top. I did this in order to draw attention to the detail of the skirt and tone down the boldness of my the look. To keep in line with the the 80s theme I opted for a strappy heel and statement earrings and a vintage pair of sunglasses. A bit about my earring. I bought these earrings from a Swazi accessories brand called trash rehash. They are made out of sprite bottle tops. I want to encourage you to shop local and support creative entrepreneurs and their efforts.

Outfit details:

Skirt: Market// Crop top : H&M// Earrings: Trash Rehash// Shoes : ASOS // Sunglasses : Market // Bag : Mr Price


Photography Credit : Hlengiwe Dlamini ( The Canvas Co)

I hope you enjoyed this thrift book as much as I did. Happy mid week.

Love and Light

Tiwi x

Fresh Start


So it’s my birthday month guys.  I am excited because it is the beginning of a new year for me. I am also excited to share the new direction or should I call it the new focused vision of this blog. I have been fortunate to join a creative blogger support group that is helping me fine tune my blogging goals. From where I see this blog going to what kind of content I want to produce.

My last post  “3 Reason’s why you should consider thrifting” ,was really popular with you guys and it is part of some of the changes I have decided to make on my blog. I want the Miss Tiwi blog to create an interactive experience and produces  informative content.

I will not go into detail about the different changes I plan to make simply because I want it all to be a surprise.  Just know that I am developing my new voice and it will be bigger and better than before. In the next couple of wee there will be some posts to keep you going while I build on my new voice.

Today’s outfit is all about slaying on a budget. I wanted to demonstrate how you can bargain shop and still look fabulous. The jeans and the blouse are both from MR Price and they cost less than R150 collectively. The jeans where actually R19. ( Finding these bargains is a talent ladies and gentlemen all I can say is always check the sale section). the top was R100 on sale. I had been eyeing it for sometime and when it finally came up on sale I grabbed it and ran to the till. I have learnt that with MR price you simply have to wait for the item to go on sale unless you really want it . The suede block shoes are from ASOS I got them about 4 years ago for 11 pounds. The earring where 1 pound in a charity shop and the sunglasses are a sample from Tiwi’s Closet.


Photography Credits: Hlengiwe Dlamini of @the_canvas_co

Have a fabulous week.

Love and Light



3 Reason why You Should Consider Thrifting

It’s my birthday month guys and I am so excited. I will update you on why I am excited in my next blog post.

In today’s post I will be talking to you about thrifting and why you should consider taking it up.

Thrifting is a fancy term that just simply  means buying second hand items. ( Well that is my understanding of it).

Over the past few  years thrifting has become increasingly popular. I don’t know the exact research behind this and I can’t claim to be an expert on the matter. However from looking at blogs, youtube , fashion experts   and how we dress today you can  actively  see that thrifting has become one of the ways to shop for a lot of people.

It is exciting because you never know what gems you might find. It is also more affordable. Depending on where you thrift you can find affordable hardly worn or even new items of clothing for the fraction of the price. Or you could find one of a kind vintage/ retro pieces.

Here are my reasons for thrifting:

It is Environmental Friendly and Ethical

The clothing industry has become an industry that constantly puts out new clothes,shoes and accessories. With the way the fashion industry is structured  today having multiple seasons a year. There is a higher demand for the high street to keep up with the big fashion houses. In some cases high street shops may use unethical means such as child labour and sweat shops to produce the clothing, shoes and accessories we wear in order to keep their prices low.  You can’t completely escape that you may be wearing clothing produced unethically . I feel that thrifting is a way of reducing that. If we used the clothes we buy for longer and recycled other people’s unwanted but usable items we are not only reducing the demand for clothing we are caring about the environment and people’s rights. Especially those vulnerable to sweat shops and unpaid labour. Don’t forget that a higher demand for any material things always means there will be an impact of the environment.

Thrifting creates a unique shopping experience.

Thrifting is fun.  You go to some of the most vibrant places to thrift. It is different from your usual shopping experience. If you are looking for an adventure as you shop then maybe thrifting is for you. Especially if you are in Africa.  Flea markets have a lot going on and you never know what you might find. That mystery does it for me. I always come out happy with something cool but totally unexpected.  Most of my vintage dresses in fact are from flea markets.  Thrifting for me is how I find most of my amazing vintage pieces.

Support Entrepreneurs and Good Causes

You are supporting the second hand clothing industry and entrepreneurs. Some people argue that the second hand industry is bad.  I think it’s the high street clothing industry because it affects their profits. However I believe that a bit of competition never hurt anyone. The second hand industry supports so many small time entrepreneurs. By choosing to thrift and once again I will relate this to Africa. You are feeding someone’s family, you are educating their children and making them more economically viable.  I find that abroad many  thrift shops are raising funds  towards a good cause, that  support a lot of charities and help build the community.  Do your part by choosing to thrift more.

To end my post I just thought I should share an OOTD of me in a thrifted dress. I got it for R10 in Manzini Flea market ( Bend and Pick)  a couple of weeks ago. I love it so much I want to have the same dress made for me  using different material.

Out Fit Details

Dress:  Thrifted // Shoes: ASOS //  Clutch : New Look

Photography Credits: Hlengiwe Dlamini of The Canvas Co






What would you like to see next ?  A my thrifted closet Look book or a how to style thrifted items for different occasions. Or even something totally different.

Please let me know.

Love and Light x





Photography Credits : The Canvas Co

This is a very delayed post but I think this is the appropriate time to write it. So I turned 26 last year and I wanted to write 26 life lessons I have learnt. As my birthday draws nearer I find myself reflecting about my life. My direction and my decisions.

Here are my 26 life things I have reflected on since my birthday :

  1. Life is not a race: When you get to your mid 20s and you haven’t achieved any of the things you thought you would have by this age you start comparing your life to other people’s lives. Your life is a journey not a race.
  2. Work hard. Work smart. I realised that I have been coasting in life. managing to get by with minimal effort. everything you do in this life requires effort. Hard work will pay off at the end of the day.
  3. Boundaries are important.
  4. Be an original. Do it your way not the popular way.
  5. It is ok to try new things and fail. Failure is a time to recoup and deliberate. You won’t know unless you try and you won’t get better unless you try.
  6. Self discipline is the ultimate tool to making anything happen. It is the driving force behind hard work.
  7. I need to be financially independent and financially responsible. Understanding the value of money will make it go further.
  8. Constant self reflection is a must. Constantly question your purpose and look at what you are doing.
  9. Pray for patience, wisdom and clarity all the time
  10.  Define every relationship in your life. This will save you a lot of unnecessary stress and it will make dealing with people in your life more simple.
  11. Guard you heart jealously. People will try it ! But you need to be discerning about who you allow into your heart.
  12. God is involved in all aspects of my life. For me my relationship with God is what keeps me going. It keeps me grounded and focused on the bigger picture. Especially when everything seems to be going wrong in my life. God is the only being that keeps me sane.
  13. Self acceptance:What people think of me is none of my business. Adopt this principle and I promise you you will begin to live a more free and happy life. Self Acceptance is something I have struggled with my entire life. Accepting who I am and loving myself exactly as I come.
  14. The law of attraction is real. That is why is still need to vision board the hell out of your life. What you say about yourself becomes true. So speak and think positively. You can do anything you set your mind to.
  15. I am just too much for some people and it’s ok. Another one of life’s tough pills to swallow. I have a very strong personality and I can be a bit much, but it’s who I am. As long as I am not deliberately hurting someone then let me be me.
  16. I will disappoint people. Say sorry and move on from that. Sometimes nothing you say as an explanation is good enough.
  17. I am enough as I am where I am with what I have.
  18. Respect the process: There is no rush for life to happen. From my dream job to finding the love of my life. Every season we go through is there to build us into the people we need to be.
  19. I refuse to allow how other people who have hurt me to change me. I will continue to love openly and live openly. Don’t let what one person did to hurt you define how you deal with every new person you meet. It is easier said than done, but you need to make a conscious decision to love and live openly.
  20.  Take calculated risks. No change ever came from a comfort zone. Now I am the queen of my comfort zone but no change is happening so I am literally forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone and I will be updating you guys on how that goes.
  21. Have more than one source of income.
  22. Real friendship is a dim a dozen. My friends have literally become an invaluable support system.
  23. You will breakdown on your journey but it is part of making you strong. The break downs, the disappointment, the depression it is all part of building character.
  24. Detours. There will be too many on the road to success. Be ready for your goals to go through metamorphosis it is part of the process.
  25. Be stubborn about your dreams and goals but be flexible in your methods.
  26.  Set small achievable goals with results you can  monitor and evaluate. Small goals are what achieve big goals.

Last but not least. Love yourself.

I hope my 26 things will inspire someone out there. I find that reflecting on what I have learnt rather than what I have done is teaching me to be aware of life and myself.

Well I hope you enjoy this nice long read.

Love and Light






Made with Square InstaPic

This is something a bit different from me. Today’s post is more about my work  as an entrepreneur and stylist.  I won’t be talking about my plans ( because of lurkers 0_o) but I will be sharing a bit about what I do.

If you have been following me for some time then this might be a bit repetitive with a few new bits added. We will just call it a refresher course.


I am a fashion entrepreneur. I own an established brand called Tiwi’s Closet and a couple of emerging brands one is called Shop_ Miss Tiwi and the others are still in their idea stages. My brands specialize in vintage and retro clothing. At the center of my brand is  my styling. Making vintage wearable and wardrobe friendly for  the stylish person. We also specialize in statement pieces which mainly consist of statement sunglasses, bags and accessories.

Styling work I did for a locally produced film called “Landlocked”.


You can follow my brands on instagram:

Tiwi’s Closet : @fashionbytc

Shop Miss Tiwi: @shop_misstiwi

Snap shots of some of the clothes from my brand




Photography Credits: Sifiso Masilela. ( Instagram @sifiskip)


I am a stylist in my own right and I mainly use my  brand as inspiration for my work. I have worked with #KULUTURE  which is a Swazi urban lifestyle magazine and as a stylist for my brands. I would like to broaden my work experience because I thoroughly enjoy the styling process. It is life for me.

Here is some of my work :


Photography Credits: Sifiso Masilela. ( Instagram @sifiskip)


My other brand is called Sibantu. It is a collaborative project between me and my best friend.  This brand is a multi-lateral brand, but it’s main focus is to combine development and creativity. It delves more into the business of creativity. We have many projects  in the pipelines and we can’t wait to develop the different  concepts and ideas.  The flag ship project for Sibantu is “ The Shop Local Campaign” it’s aim is to encourage people to shop from local creative brands and to create awareness of what exists in the creative industry  locally.

You can check out the project here:


Blog : http://www.sibantucreatives.wordpress.com

Instagram : @sibantucreatives

Twitter: @sibantucreative

Starting your own brands or platform is not easy. I have experience many false starts. The key is to run with your idea and make it happen. All ideas require time, commitment and consistency. You won’t lose anything from trying. So I am encouraging you to try. Try out your ideas and work with the intention to grow and win.

I decided to share what I do to inspire someone. Even if it’s just one person. I would be happy with that.

So it’s a happy mid week from me.

Love and Light



Respect The Process


Photography Credits: Hlengiwe Dlamini. Check her out on instagram @the_canvas_co

Outfit Details

Skirt: Warehouse// Top : Mr Price// Mules : Legit// Bag: Mr Price// Earrings : ASOS// Glasses : Accessorize.

I truly believe in the saying “You reap what you sow”. It is something I have personally witnessed in my own life.

What is the process?

It is the time in between achieving your goals. It can be a time when you feel stagnant. Like nothing is moving forward. Just remember that a baby step in the right direction  is still movement  forward.  The process requires patience and endurance. You must keep working towards your goal to be rewarded. The process is a time of learning and unlearning.

I think the most difficult lesson in life has been learning that things will not go 100% the way you imagined or planned in your head. Since 2013 I have been humbled by life. I have been broken, shaken and pressed. I won’t go into detail about that today but my point is. The goals you are working towards come with a “process”. I have learnt that the process is more important than the end result. Why? Because the process  is where you learn. You endurance is tested and your skills are tested and sharpened.

To test what I am saying .Simply reflect on a difficult period in your life and you will understand what I mean by the process. For ever new goal the process will be harder than the last one and the skills you gained from the last process just might be your saving grace and give you the strength to keep moving forward.

My sweet yet short message is this:

Respect the process.

Be patient don’t rush because it won’t speed up just because you want it to. Instead you just might get frustrated and become disillusioned.

Goals are not achieved overnight.

Adaptability is your friend. As we go through the process your original goal might change or just not be what you want to do anymore. No matter what happens nothing you do in life is in vain. See failure as redirection and a time to reevaluate things. Do not give up.

Well I hope you got something from this post. It is something I am constantly reflecting on and learning about. Life is a process so I guess you could say that the process never ends. It is a constant circle of learning and personal growth.

As we draw near to the weekend. Reflect on your life, you goals and processes. Don’t give up . Just keep it moving.

Love and Light



New Hair colour


The thing about natural hair ladies and gentlemen is that is gets tiring. Being natural is not easy. Why? simply because you have to relearn everything you thought you knew about your hair. Being natural means having a relationship with your hair and like all relationships it has it’s ups and downs.

Sometime ago I was stuck in a rut with my hair. I felt like I needed change. ( I am not adventurous with my hair).  I was inspired to change my hair colour by sisters and some picture I saw  on facebook.


I have changed my hair colour but I decided not to cut it into the hair style because  I need to get a job and I don’t know if the corporate world is ready for that kind of daring.

How I achieved my new colour

So for those of you who follow me on Instagram, You will have seen that I debuted my new hair. I did infact bleach my hair to achieve this colour. It cost me not more than R100 ( less than 10 pounds) to do this at home.


You will need:

Hydrogen Peroxide: I got mine at clicks in Manzini. There were two bottle options the 30% or 40% concentrate. I went with the 40% concentrate.


Conditioner: For conditioner I went ahead and invested in a cheap and cheerful option because I wasn’t about to waste my precious Tresamme naturals ( which I can’t find anywhere guys I am doomed). The hydrogen peroxide on it’s own would leave the hair really dry. ( It will be dry regardless) But the conditioner ensures that the chemical isn’t as harsh on your hair.


Bicarbonate of Soda: You can get this from any supermarket and it isn’t expensive at all. According to my sister who has done this process before. The Bicarb quickens the bleaching process. Not sure about that but I used the remaining bicarb for whitening my teeth. ( But that’s a post for another day).

You will also need a container for mixing. Gloves and a disposable shower cap.


Method/ Application:

Note: I had to repeat this process twice because the first time I didn’t use enough of the hydrogen peroxide. So I would suggest that you mix a considerable amount of the stuff in with the conditioner. This will also shorten how long you stay with the mix on your hair as well. I used the whole bottle. Please bare in mind that the bottle  I used was a small bottle.

I put the mix in my hair in sections of two strand twist outs and covered it with the disposable shower cap leaving it in for about 3 hours. How long you leave the solution in your hair will really depend on the colour pay off you want and the texture of your hair. If you have weak or brittle hair you should leave it in for a short time but if you have coarse hair it should remain in your hair for a longer period.



Taking care of coloured hair needs more time than your normal natural hair. You will have to be on point with your routine if you don’t want your hair to break. Coloured hair is drier and more brittle than uncoloured hair. You will need devise  a hair treatment plan to get back your hair porosity. Not to be done once but as often as you feel you need to for your hair. In other words you will need to restructure your hair routine.

Restoring Hairsam_0439sam_0440sam_0438

My hair is soft and it takes up moisture just as it used to. This is how I achieved it:

A few days after colouring my hair. I used the Dr Miracles, Miracle Repair intensive treatment to restore moisture to my hair. I have only used it once and it appears to have done the trick for my hair. I used to deep condition my hair once a month now I try to do it at least twice a month. Deep conditioning helps my hair retain moisture for longer and this is important as I don’t want my hair to break.

If you are in Swaziland you can buy deep conditioners from Clicks. I would recommend the Dr Miracles deep conditioner as their products tend to have no parabens and sulphates. Or you can make you own like me . That is what I do. My deep conditioner usually consists of  conditioner and oils : I use tressamme naturals conditioner, coconut oil ( the MPL coconut oil is great) and any other oils available such as jojoba oil, tea tree oil, Jamaican castor oil  and olive oil.

You can get any of these oils in Swaziland if you look around. I have actually seen the Jamaican castor oil with coconut oil in Jet. MPL coconut oil can be found in clicks, jet, pick and pay and shopright. Olive oil can be found in any supermarket. Tea tree oil and jojoba oil can be for at any pharmacy, or health store. There is a great health store in Manzini across from Ocean Fresh.

All I do is mix these different oils with the conditioner and apply it on my hair. You can deep condition before or after washing your hair it is really up to you. To make sure that all my hair gets fully deep conditioned I apply the product onto my hair in sections of 8 two strand twists. I then put a shower cap onto my head and stay with the product on my hair for between 45 minutes and 1 and a half hours. Deep conditioning ladies and gentlemen is the trick to insuring health hair.

I hope that this post has been enlightening. let me know if you want to see any more hair post from me.

Have a productive week.

Love and Light