OOTD : 1950s dress

I love vintage fashion and I am particularly in love with the 1950s dress. Whether it’s a wiggle dress worn popularly by Marilyn Monroe or the circle skirt dresses.  I’ve been looking for a 50s style dress for a long time and I finally found one that I am happy with.

It is a circle skirt  dress with a lot of colour and it’s floral what more could I ask for. Now I guess I will be looking for the perfect wiggle dress. ( Fashion challenge come on)  I paired my dress with some orange heeled shoes from asos and a patent bag. I am all about clashing colours as well as patterns and making a beautiful statement and I think I managed this beautifully with my 50s dress , orange shoes and pink lip. 
For you ladies interested in knowing where I got this beauty. I found the dress in a charity shop, quite by accident. It only cost me £6.50. It is in great condition, comes with a little belt in the same pattern as the dress. It’s a nice linen material and the perfect lengthen.  This dress is perfect for all seasons in my opinion but I will be wearing it often in the summer time. 
I’m loving my hair these days. I got a bit bored for a spell but now I am in love with it again. 
I’ll start off with my make up look first :
This is a simple make up look all I used is concealor ( MAC NC50 ) and powder (MAC NW45). I filled in my brows with a black pencil ( from MUA). For my lips I used Revlon’s Pink pout which is a matte lip stick and I used a plum Lip liner ( it’s from a random store).
I have big lips and to give them definition and not the exploded- lip- look I use a lip liner. I can’t emphasis the importance of a lip liner.

And the outfit :

Well I hope you have been inpired to try out the 50s change. Keep looking out on a post on how to get that 1950s look.

Have a happy weekend

Tiwi xx


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