Outerwear Look Book

Hello my lovelies

So you guys may be familiar with my shopping habits i.e my love for vintage clothes and charity shops. Over the last 6 months I believe I’ve garnered a pretty impressive outwear collection. It all started because I was bored with wearing the same coat all winter long. So I set out on a mission to fill my closet with beautiful jackets and coats. My initial plan was to get at least 3 coats that I could inter change to keep me happy. I actually ended up with 2 coats ( which aren’t even in this post) and some extras 0_o ( everything in this post).
All the outwear is thrifted bought from different charity shops. I’m glad I finally bought a black blazer and some interesting denim jackets.I hope you enjoy. Pssst if you like my personal collection then you will love the Tiwi’s closet stuff that will be up for sale in soon. check out The Tiwi’s Closet collection here.

 Well that’s all folks. Stay fabulous and stay inspired.

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