Tiwi’s Closet : Now open

What is Tiwi’s Closet ?

Tiwi’s Closet is a movement. I call it a movement because it won’t just be about a girl selling vintage clothes online. I want to use my love for fashion to change the world. That’s my purpose in life. The online store is only the beginning.

What do we currently provide

Tiwi’s Closet specialise in women’s fashion.  We currently sell vintage inspired clothing and accessories. You can find us at http://www.tiwiscloset.bigcartel.com . At Tiwi’s Closet everything is hand picked with a vision in mind which we hope you can see in our existing work.

The reason we say ‘vintage inspired’ is because not everything we sell is authentic vintage. Some of our clothes have a vintage look but are from your everyday shops.

In the near future Tiwi’s Closet hopes to  provide a stylist, personal shopper and image consultant service.

It’s taken me 3 years to finally realise and act on my dreams. I have a gift for picking up things and making them work together and that is exactly what I do with Tiwi’s Closet. That is what makes Tiwi’s Closet different.

The concept Tiwi’s Closet began 3 years ago. This was about 8 months after I started blogging. It started out with me selling clothes and other accessories out of my uni flat. Initially it was a one time event and I thought it would be a raving success. I didn’t actually how much work went into putting on such an event and I learnt a lot from those experiences.  I think I made £35 the first market. I held these markets 3 times and the amount I made just kept getting smaller and smaller.

Tiwi’s Closet then went on to take part in some fashion shows. People were already seeing Tiwi’s Closet as a brand and I was resisting as I didn’t have that much confidence in my ability at the time. I have been surrounded by the most amazing people who have helped and encouraged me. That is one of the most important things when you start something. You have to have people around you who push you and see the greatness in you. Believe me if it wasn’t for my support system I don’t think Tiwi’s Closet would be here today.

The Process

As I mentioned already every thing in Tiwi’s closet is hand picked with a vision in mind. What makes us different is the styling process and the buying process.

The way I put things together is influenced by my personal style. I am also inspired by different fashion eras. This year I am in love with the 1950s. Last year it was the 1980s. I am constantly learning in being inspired. I am inspired by things I see around, colours, buildings, you name it. I am especially in love with fashion mavericks like  Ulyana Sergeenko , Solange , June Ambrose and Temi Dollface. I want to create that with Tiwi’s Closet.

I hope Today’s post will give you an insight on what we have to offer. 
Charlotte Stewart Photography
Charlotte Stewart Photography
Charlotte Stewart Photography
Charlotte Stewart Photography
Charlotte Stewart Photography
Charlotte Stewart Photography

Charlotte Stewart Photography

Charlotte Stewart Photography
Charlotte Stewart Photography

Charlotte Stewart Photography

Charlotte Stewart Photography

Charlotte Stewart Photography
This is only the beginning. I will be doing weekly updates on Tiwi’s Closet. I can promise it will be exciting. 
On one last note I am looking for a model to work with on a regular basis. You must be able to get to Skipton. You must be over 16, between a size 6 and 16 and female. 
Email me : tiwigondwe@gmail.com 
You can follow the Tiwi’s Closet Movement on the following platforms :
Instagram : tiwiscloset
Twitter : @tiwiscloset
If you have any questions about Tiwi’s Closet don’t be afraid to ask


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