Roof Top Party

Hello Lovelies

So While I was in Swaziland best believe I went to some amazing parties. One in particular was a roof top party with the best horderves a girl could ask for. For this roof top party I channeled my inner 70s goddess with a massive afro , floaty maxi dress and layered jewlery. I really enjoyed myself as I got to hang out with some pretty amazing people, drink lovely cocktails and dance the cold night away.

The event was in the capital city Mbabane. Check out the lovely view of the city from the rooftop.

What I wore : 
Maxi dress : Primark; Maxi Cover up : Primark; Shoes : Zara; Accessories : Thrifted, River island and top shop.

Want to know how I achieved my big afro. Look forward to my next post on how I maintained my hair while in Swaziland.

Love and Light



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