70s Rework

If you have been reading my last couple of blog posts. I am sure you will have picked up my growing fascination of the 1970s. I used to be a 1950s style fanatic but the free flowing daring 70s are capturing me quickly. Maybe it’s because you can see so many 70s influences  in the shops these days but nothing captures me like an exaggerated sleeve.

Today’s ootd is something straight up Tiwi’s closet. I have been looking for a denim skirt for a while and I actually found this one while restocking Tiwi’s Closet. Obviously I decided to keep it for myself but I will be stocking some for the brand as well. I call this ootd a 70s rework because of the colour scheme, the suede shoes, the almost maxi denim skirt with a high slit and of course my big Afro. The thing I love about styling ‘vintage clothing’ is you get to update a preexisting look with your own style.

This is how I achieve my reworks:  I take pieces that I know give my look a 70s feel. So the 70s were known for many trends. Things like suede, leather, big afros, oversized sunglasses and cool tone colours were some of the things prevalent in the 1970s. So for my look I went with suede shoes, a turtle neck in a cool tone, statement jewelry and big hair to top of a successful 1970s look.

Outfit details:

Denim Skirt : Tiwi’s Closet // Turtle neck: Mr Price// Jewlery: Top Shop // Avaitor glasses : Mr Price// Shoes : ASOS // Bag : Mr Price





So these pictures were taken in my neighborhood. I am still on my mission to pose like a pro.

Photography Credits : Hlengiwe K Dlamini find her lovely work on instagram @ the_canvas_co

Enjoy your weekend be safe and do something fun. I will be working on blog content and a photoshoot for Tiwi’s Closet’s new merchandise.

Love and Light

Tiwi x


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