New Hair colour


The thing about natural hair ladies and gentlemen is that is gets tiring. Being natural is not easy. Why? simply because you have to relearn everything you thought you knew about your hair. Being natural means having a relationship with your hair and like all relationships it has it’s ups and downs.

Sometime ago I was stuck in a rut with my hair. I felt like I needed change. ( I am not adventurous with my hair).  I was inspired to change my hair colour by sisters and some picture I saw  on facebook.


I have changed my hair colour but I decided not to cut it into the hair style because  I need to get a job and I don’t know if the corporate world is ready for that kind of daring.

How I achieved my new colour

So for those of you who follow me on Instagram, You will have seen that I debuted my new hair. I did infact bleach my hair to achieve this colour. It cost me not more than R100 ( less than 10 pounds) to do this at home.


You will need:

Hydrogen Peroxide: I got mine at clicks in Manzini. There were two bottle options the 30% or 40% concentrate. I went with the 40% concentrate.


Conditioner: For conditioner I went ahead and invested in a cheap and cheerful option because I wasn’t about to waste my precious Tresamme naturals ( which I can’t find anywhere guys I am doomed). The hydrogen peroxide on it’s own would leave the hair really dry. ( It will be dry regardless) But the conditioner ensures that the chemical isn’t as harsh on your hair.


Bicarbonate of Soda: You can get this from any supermarket and it isn’t expensive at all. According to my sister who has done this process before. The Bicarb quickens the bleaching process. Not sure about that but I used the remaining bicarb for whitening my teeth. ( But that’s a post for another day).

You will also need a container for mixing. Gloves and a disposable shower cap.


Method/ Application:

Note: I had to repeat this process twice because the first time I didn’t use enough of the hydrogen peroxide. So I would suggest that you mix a considerable amount of the stuff in with the conditioner. This will also shorten how long you stay with the mix on your hair as well. I used the whole bottle. Please bare in mind that the bottle  I used was a small bottle.

I put the mix in my hair in sections of two strand twist outs and covered it with the disposable shower cap leaving it in for about 3 hours. How long you leave the solution in your hair will really depend on the colour pay off you want and the texture of your hair. If you have weak or brittle hair you should leave it in for a short time but if you have coarse hair it should remain in your hair for a longer period.



Taking care of coloured hair needs more time than your normal natural hair. You will have to be on point with your routine if you don’t want your hair to break. Coloured hair is drier and more brittle than uncoloured hair. You will need devise  a hair treatment plan to get back your hair porosity. Not to be done once but as often as you feel you need to for your hair. In other words you will need to restructure your hair routine.

Restoring Hairsam_0439sam_0440sam_0438

My hair is soft and it takes up moisture just as it used to. This is how I achieved it:

A few days after colouring my hair. I used the Dr Miracles, Miracle Repair intensive treatment to restore moisture to my hair. I have only used it once and it appears to have done the trick for my hair. I used to deep condition my hair once a month now I try to do it at least twice a month. Deep conditioning helps my hair retain moisture for longer and this is important as I don’t want my hair to break.

If you are in Swaziland you can buy deep conditioners from Clicks. I would recommend the Dr Miracles deep conditioner as their products tend to have no parabens and sulphates. Or you can make you own like me . That is what I do. My deep conditioner usually consists of  conditioner and oils : I use tressamme naturals conditioner, coconut oil ( the MPL coconut oil is great) and any other oils available such as jojoba oil, tea tree oil, Jamaican castor oil  and olive oil.

You can get any of these oils in Swaziland if you look around. I have actually seen the Jamaican castor oil with coconut oil in Jet. MPL coconut oil can be found in clicks, jet, pick and pay and shopright. Olive oil can be found in any supermarket. Tea tree oil and jojoba oil can be for at any pharmacy, or health store. There is a great health store in Manzini across from Ocean Fresh.

All I do is mix these different oils with the conditioner and apply it on my hair. You can deep condition before or after washing your hair it is really up to you. To make sure that all my hair gets fully deep conditioned I apply the product onto my hair in sections of 8 two strand twists. I then put a shower cap onto my head and stay with the product on my hair for between 45 minutes and 1 and a half hours. Deep conditioning ladies and gentlemen is the trick to insuring health hair.

I hope that this post has been enlightening. let me know if you want to see any more hair post from me.

Have a productive week.

Love and Light



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