Respect The Process


Photography Credits: Hlengiwe Dlamini. Check her out on instagram @the_canvas_co

Outfit Details

Skirt: Warehouse// Top : Mr Price// Mules : Legit// Bag: Mr Price// Earrings : ASOS// Glasses : Accessorize.

I truly believe in the saying “You reap what you sow”. It is something I have personally witnessed in my own life.

What is the process?

It is the time in between achieving your goals. It can be a time when you feel stagnant. Like nothing is moving forward. Just remember that a baby step in the right direction  is still movement  forward.  The process requires patience and endurance. You must keep working towards your goal to be rewarded. The process is a time of learning and unlearning.

I think the most difficult lesson in life has been learning that things will not go 100% the way you imagined or planned in your head. Since 2013 I have been humbled by life. I have been broken, shaken and pressed. I won’t go into detail about that today but my point is. The goals you are working towards come with a “process”. I have learnt that the process is more important than the end result. Why? Because the process  is where you learn. You endurance is tested and your skills are tested and sharpened.

To test what I am saying .Simply reflect on a difficult period in your life and you will understand what I mean by the process. For ever new goal the process will be harder than the last one and the skills you gained from the last process just might be your saving grace and give you the strength to keep moving forward.

My sweet yet short message is this:

Respect the process.

Be patient don’t rush because it won’t speed up just because you want it to. Instead you just might get frustrated and become disillusioned.

Goals are not achieved overnight.

Adaptability is your friend. As we go through the process your original goal might change or just not be what you want to do anymore. No matter what happens nothing you do in life is in vain. See failure as redirection and a time to reevaluate things. Do not give up.

Well I hope you got something from this post. It is something I am constantly reflecting on and learning about. Life is a process so I guess you could say that the process never ends. It is a constant circle of learning and personal growth.

As we draw near to the weekend. Reflect on your life, you goals and processes. Don’t give up . Just keep it moving.

Love and Light




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