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This is something a bit different from me. Today’s post is more about my work  as an entrepreneur and stylist.  I won’t be talking about my plans ( because of lurkers 0_o) but I will be sharing a bit about what I do.

If you have been following me for some time then this might be a bit repetitive with a few new bits added. We will just call it a refresher course.


I am a fashion entrepreneur. I own an established brand called Tiwi’s Closet and a couple of emerging brands one is called Shop_ Miss Tiwi and the others are still in their idea stages. My brands specialize in vintage and retro clothing. At the center of my brand is  my styling. Making vintage wearable and wardrobe friendly for  the stylish person. We also specialize in statement pieces which mainly consist of statement sunglasses, bags and accessories.

Styling work I did for a locally produced film called “Landlocked”.


You can follow my brands on instagram:

Tiwi’s Closet : @fashionbytc

Shop Miss Tiwi: @shop_misstiwi

Snap shots of some of the clothes from my brand




Photography Credits: Sifiso Masilela. ( Instagram @sifiskip)


I am a stylist in my own right and I mainly use my  brand as inspiration for my work. I have worked with #KULUTURE  which is a Swazi urban lifestyle magazine and as a stylist for my brands. I would like to broaden my work experience because I thoroughly enjoy the styling process. It is life for me.

Here is some of my work :


Photography Credits: Sifiso Masilela. ( Instagram @sifiskip)


My other brand is called Sibantu. It is a collaborative project between me and my best friend.  This brand is a multi-lateral brand, but it’s main focus is to combine development and creativity. It delves more into the business of creativity. We have many projects  in the pipelines and we can’t wait to develop the different  concepts and ideas.  The flag ship project for Sibantu is “ The Shop Local Campaign” it’s aim is to encourage people to shop from local creative brands and to create awareness of what exists in the creative industry  locally.

You can check out the project here:


Blog : http://www.sibantucreatives.wordpress.com

Instagram : @sibantucreatives

Twitter: @sibantucreative

Starting your own brands or platform is not easy. I have experience many false starts. The key is to run with your idea and make it happen. All ideas require time, commitment and consistency. You won’t lose anything from trying. So I am encouraging you to try. Try out your ideas and work with the intention to grow and win.

I decided to share what I do to inspire someone. Even if it’s just one person. I would be happy with that.

So it’s a happy mid week from me.

Love and Light




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