3 Reason why You Should Consider Thrifting

It’s my birthday month guys and I am so excited. I will update you on why I am excited in my next blog post.

In today’s post I will be talking to you about thrifting and why you should consider taking it up.

Thrifting is a fancy term that just simply  means buying second hand items. ( Well that is my understanding of it).

Over the past few  years thrifting has become increasingly popular. I don’t know the exact research behind this and I can’t claim to be an expert on the matter. However from looking at blogs, youtube , fashion experts   and how we dress today you can  actively  see that thrifting has become one of the ways to shop for a lot of people.

It is exciting because you never know what gems you might find. It is also more affordable. Depending on where you thrift you can find affordable hardly worn or even new items of clothing for the fraction of the price. Or you could find one of a kind vintage/ retro pieces.

Here are my reasons for thrifting:

It is Environmental Friendly and Ethical

The clothing industry has become an industry that constantly puts out new clothes,shoes and accessories. With the way the fashion industry is structured  today having multiple seasons a year. There is a higher demand for the high street to keep up with the big fashion houses. In some cases high street shops may use unethical means such as child labour and sweat shops to produce the clothing, shoes and accessories we wear in order to keep their prices low.  You can’t completely escape that you may be wearing clothing produced unethically . I feel that thrifting is a way of reducing that. If we used the clothes we buy for longer and recycled other people’s unwanted but usable items we are not only reducing the demand for clothing we are caring about the environment and people’s rights. Especially those vulnerable to sweat shops and unpaid labour. Don’t forget that a higher demand for any material things always means there will be an impact of the environment.

Thrifting creates a unique shopping experience.

Thrifting is fun.  You go to some of the most vibrant places to thrift. It is different from your usual shopping experience. If you are looking for an adventure as you shop then maybe thrifting is for you. Especially if you are in Africa.  Flea markets have a lot going on and you never know what you might find. That mystery does it for me. I always come out happy with something cool but totally unexpected.  Most of my vintage dresses in fact are from flea markets.  Thrifting for me is how I find most of my amazing vintage pieces.

Support Entrepreneurs and Good Causes

You are supporting the second hand clothing industry and entrepreneurs. Some people argue that the second hand industry is bad.  I think it’s the high street clothing industry because it affects their profits. However I believe that a bit of competition never hurt anyone. The second hand industry supports so many small time entrepreneurs. By choosing to thrift and once again I will relate this to Africa. You are feeding someone’s family, you are educating their children and making them more economically viable.  I find that abroad many  thrift shops are raising funds  towards a good cause, that  support a lot of charities and help build the community.  Do your part by choosing to thrift more.

To end my post I just thought I should share an OOTD of me in a thrifted dress. I got it for R10 in Manzini Flea market ( Bend and Pick)  a couple of weeks ago. I love it so much I want to have the same dress made for me  using different material.

Out Fit Details

Dress:  Thrifted // Shoes: ASOS //  Clutch : New Look

Photography Credits: Hlengiwe Dlamini of The Canvas Co






What would you like to see next ?  A my thrifted closet Look book or a how to style thrifted items for different occasions. Or even something totally different.

Please let me know.

Love and Light x



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