Fresh Start


So it’s my birthday month guys.  I am excited because it is the beginning of a new year for me. I am also excited to share the new direction or should I call it the new focused vision of this blog. I have been fortunate to join a creative blogger support group that is helping me fine tune my blogging goals. From where I see this blog going to what kind of content I want to produce.

My last post  “3 Reason’s why you should consider thrifting” ,was really popular with you guys and it is part of some of the changes I have decided to make on my blog. I want the Miss Tiwi blog to create an interactive experience and produces  informative content.

I will not go into detail about the different changes I plan to make simply because I want it all to be a surprise.  Just know that I am developing my new voice and it will be bigger and better than before. In the next couple of wee there will be some posts to keep you going while I build on my new voice.

Today’s outfit is all about slaying on a budget. I wanted to demonstrate how you can bargain shop and still look fabulous. The jeans and the blouse are both from MR Price and they cost less than R150 collectively. The jeans where actually R19. ( Finding these bargains is a talent ladies and gentlemen all I can say is always check the sale section). the top was R100 on sale. I had been eyeing it for sometime and when it finally came up on sale I grabbed it and ran to the till. I have learnt that with MR price you simply have to wait for the item to go on sale unless you really want it . The suede block shoes are from ASOS I got them about 4 years ago for 11 pounds. The earring where 1 pound in a charity shop and the sunglasses are a sample from Tiwi’s Closet.


Photography Credits: Hlengiwe Dlamini of @the_canvas_co

Have a fabulous week.

Love and Light




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