My Thrift Look Book

Hello everyone

Today I will be sharing  3 thrited outfits and hacks for styling them. Hack number one : All the thrifted clothing pieces where under R10. If you want to find cheap quality thrifted or vintage pieces you are going to have to look around for them. It’s that simple. It means going to the flea market and digging for them or going to vendors who sell their wares at the price you want and seeing what you can find.

1) How to wear an oversized vintage dress ( no sewing )

When it comes to vintage and thrifted oversized clothing. I enjoy finding ways to style and wear them.

The easiest way to style an oversized vintage dress is to simply add a belt at the waist. This will gather the dress at your waist giving the outfit a chinked finish. I particularly like this method of styling an oversized dress because you can give one dress new life with different belts. Now that is one way to maximize how many times you wear and style a dress. I find that belting vintage dresses particularly works well with the flowy simple silhouettes  and pencil dresses that aren’t already elasticated at the waist.

Once again the dress was only R10 from a flea market. I loved the dark oversized floral print. I styled this dress with a vintage (80s/90s) gold chain belt with black lace up heels and statement accessories. This outfit is very much reminiscent of the 1980s. It is an updated 80s look.

Outfit details

Dress : Flea Market // Shoes : Truffle / Earrings : Legit // Sunglasses : Tiwi’s Closet sample// Clutch bag : Tiwi’s Closet sample // Belt : Thrifted ( Charity shop)


2. The pleated Skirt and crop top combo

If you a trend watcher you would know that pleated midi skirts a bang on trend this season.  My theory is : The cheapest way of subscribing to a trend is by  thrifting it or trying a vintage option. Pleated skirts were very big in the 80s and you will find a variety of interesting pleated skirts at any flea market. Trust me. My pleated skirt is a staple in my wardrobe it has featured all over this blog. I inherited it from my mum’s closet and I’ve had it for years now.

Crop tops have also been trending for the last 3 years and it doesn’t look like they are going away. For something different try the flea market or thrift store. Seriously my gorgeous crop top was only about R5 or R10. It features exaggerated puff sleeves. I was drawn to the sleeves and the interesting texture/ colour of the crop top. I also like it because I can see myself styling it with many pieces in my wardrobe. It is something I feel I can dress up or down and remain interesting. I wanted to go with muted tones so I paired my crop top with a vintage pleated skirt and strappy heels with fringe detail.

Outfit details:

Skirt : Mum’s closet // Crop top : Flea market// Shoes : Legit // Bag : Thrifted // Necklace : Mr Price // Bangle : Punk and Ivy x Legit




3) 80s Skirt

This look book may as well be called reworking the 80s.

Every woman deserves an 80s statement skirt in her wardrobe. What is an 80s statement skirt? An 80s statement skirt usually features bold colours and patterns or plays with different cuts or exaggerated features. It is the perfect piece for making a statement and one of the easiest way to recreate an 80s look.

I styled my skirt with a white crop top. I did this in order to draw attention to the detail of the skirt and tone down the boldness of my the look. To keep in line with the the 80s theme I opted for a strappy heel and statement earrings and a vintage pair of sunglasses. A bit about my earring. I bought these earrings from a Swazi accessories brand called trash rehash. They are made out of sprite bottle tops. I want to encourage you to shop local and support creative entrepreneurs and their efforts.

Outfit details:

Skirt: Market// Crop top : H&M// Earrings: Trash Rehash// Shoes : ASOS // Sunglasses : Market // Bag : Mr Price


Photography Credit : Hlengiwe Dlamini ( The Canvas Co)

I hope you enjoyed this thrift book as much as I did. Happy mid week.

Love and Light

Tiwi x


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