Hello my lovely readers and a happy new year to you and yours. So I am currently in Zambia. I have been here for just over a month now.It has been an experience which I plan on sharing with you but perhaps in the next blog post or so which I will be titling patience.

Today’s post will look at motivation without action and harnessing motivation into action. I would also like to share an amazing space in Swaziland called Legendz back packers and share two ootds with you: one will explore the wonders of thrifting in the form of a R10 thrifted vintage dress. The other will teach you how to look chic wearing your high street brands.

Motivation  is a good tool if you use it well.

The idea to write about this topic came about when I was watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent. There was an episode about a company that duped  people( with fatal consequences)  using motivational seminars. I was also inspired to write this post by a weekend seminar I attended last year that really changed my life and they way i look at my business and other projects.

Don’t  make motivation an addiction use it as a tool to build yourself up and work on your goals.  Last year I got to attend the SheHive event hosted by She Leads Africa. It was a 2 day seminar where I met some amazing women and learnt so much about business. Thinking about motivation made me question the action I have taken since I attended SheHive. Since that life changing seminar what have I achieved or done? Well I have a great mentor. I am no longer operating my business blindly and I see Tiwi’s closet as a business and not just a hobby which means I am working on the administrative side of my business and setting achievable goals.

How can you use motivation as a tool to move forward

  • Act : You can end up attending so many seminars, workshops and talks but you need to follow these up with action. Motivation is a good thing but it must be accompanied with actions. How you act on your motivation is up to you. I apply an act immediately policy. It will ensure that you act while you are still motivated. At the end of the day it is all really up to you. You have to jump and get moving and remember to start with small achievable goals.
  • Self examination: I have a new formula for ensuring I will act. Before attending seminars I must evaluate why I will be attending said seminar?  What am I hoping to gain from it. Do I need it ? Will I really learn applicable lessons .
  • Use your motivation to work on already existing projects. Perhaps your new found motivation will help you see things in a different light . During the motivational seminar/ event  I tried to come up with things I could immediately act on. For instance when I was at the SheHive seminar I realised  I had to think about collaborations and other services I could offer and how I would create a workable structure  for them.

At the end of the day ladies and gentlemen you have to monitor and evaluate your progress post motivation/ inspiration. It is the only way you will gauge your progress. How can you do this? By setting objectives and goals that are measurable. Write out your success plan. I am sure you have all heard the saying ” Failing to plan is planning to fail”. So put in the work and see the results.


I decided to use the picturesque Legends back packers as my backdrop. Legends is located in the Ezuluwini valley near the Matenga cultural village and lodge. I initially discovered this location and used it for a photo shoot with my sisters. I decided I wanted to come back and use it for my blog and show more of  the locations aesthetics.


What I wore

Today’s post will be giving you a double dose of style on a budget


I went with a vintage thrifted dress that cost me R10. I love this dress and I have worn it countless times. It has basically graduated to my go to dress.I paired the dress with some platform shoes I got from top shop and an 80s evening bag. For another modern twist I added a silver chain belt.

How can you get your own R10 dress? You have got to shop around darlings. Be ready to score shady markets and second hand shops. You will need to use your imagination as well.





How to do a chic monochrome ootd using high street finds. My lace mini dress is from Mr Price and the light coat is from Jet. Collectively they cost less than R150. This ootd is reminiscent of the 60s mod style. Accessories make the outfit and with this ootd I demonstrate this  : I dressed up my chic monochrome items with a pair of ASOS shoes and cateye sunnies. I added pops of colour with my Zulu necklaces and my statement clutch bag. I like to dress up


Photography Credits: Sifiso Masilela (Sifiskip)

The moral of the story today is to act on motivation and shop around when it come to styling your high street brands as well as your thrifted pieces.

I hope this blog post will inspire  you to get moving with those goals

Love and Light



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