Growing in patience

Hello everyone

I just love setting myself challenges. It is who I am and always will be. I want to take this blog in a direction that  allows me to share my spaces, experiences as well as my take on fashion and style. I was inspired to write about patience because it is something I struggle with especially under pressure. I just tend to melt down and lose the plot. I recently got back from a 6 weeks trip in Zambia.  My patience was stretched to points I didn’t even know I had. Nothing went according to my plans and just about anything  that could go wrong went wrong. The only thing that kept me sane was God and my smart phone.

Something I always pray for is patience. Here is something I have learnt that I always use. God doesn’t give you patience. He puts you in situations that require you to use ( or grow patience). Lord knows dealing the the passport system in Zambian can test anyone’s patience but I had to learn to wait and I also learnt to shut up instead of  run my mouth. Prayer helped me endure and also trying to see the lesson in every curve ball that came my way. I made the most of my situation by meeting up with my blogger friends and checking out the art and fashion scenes in Lusaka and Livingstone. I also visited the Victoria falls. Patience is a sign that you are growing in maturity. It can be about waiting. In that waiting period do something. Learn something and be open to God’s voice.

But if we look forward to something we don’t yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently. Romans 8:25


So I decided to shoot today’s ootd at the Gables shopping mall in Ezuluwini. It is an interesting space. I love the architecture because it reminds me of the colonial style buildings which of course I am in love with. Most things to do with the past intrigue me.  If you ever find yourself in Swaziland the Gables in Ezuluwini is the place to be. It has clothing stores, bars, restaurants and the movie theater. It is near the Mantenga cultural village and other touristy things. I would say it is a fairly good starting point for exploring Swaziland.


I want to talk about my African print blouse. Isn’t she beautiful. I got this one from Dunns. I happened to be passing by the Dunns store in Mbabane when I saw this top with a matching skirt in the window display. I went in and I was very impressed. Dunns. From everything I saw is perfect for plus size women. They have beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories. The price point is not bad either. They frequently have sales. I don’t know if this top is available anymore  seeing as I bought it last year. It was R299 and for me worth every cent because I can style it in so many ways .I just might do a how to style post with this piece.

What I wore:

Blouse : Dunns// Jeans : New Look // Brogues: Zara// Sunglasses : Sample from Tiwi’s closet// Earrings : Vintage.


Photography Credits: Sifiso Masilela ( Sifipix)

I hope you take something out of this blog post. Just a heads up. The blog will be changing up soon. To go with the changes I have made in my life. I hope it can be more interactive and provide great and helpful content for my readers.

until then

Love and Light



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