About Me

My Name is Tiwi I am a 20 something third culture kid with a passion for fashion and development. I am a graduate, an entrepreneur, a creative director and all around ideas person. I am currently full time invested in developing my ideas into live concepts that I believe will change the world.  This blog is my attempt at documenting my life and the things I get up to.

I have been blogging since 2010 but I feel like I am only just finding my feet and my own unique voice. On Miss Tiwi you can expect to see content relating to fashion, my entrepreneurship journey,  Natural hair, Health and Fitness, Interesting spaces and places and spoken words. With regards to my fashion journey I am particularly interested in vintage and thrift fashion as well as looking good on a bargain. I would like to share my love for these things on my blog. I would also like to share my love for local fashion brands. I moved back to Swaziland a year ago and I am interested in the local fashion industry and it’s development. So much so that one of my entrepreneurial ventures ( SIBANTU) is dedicated to growing the African creative industry. I want to teach my readers about the joy of thrifting and vintage clothing through my lookbooks, How to style sessions and OOTDS. Natural hair for me is a movement. Through my blog I would love to educate women about their hair and how to love it. This will be a learning and sharing process for me.

I am open to collaborating with brands.  Be sure to email me at gondwetiwonge@hotmail.co.uk